A Brothel in Ilford

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When I started going off piste and stopped testing with bricks and mortar glamour agencies but instead first with strippers then girls from the internet, it was then I started gradually encountering what is broadly known as the sex industry, … Continued

Halloween Serial Killer T-shirt

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I was once commissioned by a commercial interiors magazine, FX, to take a picture to illustrate bad office lighting. I went away and got on with it. When I developed the neg I found a vertical scratch running all the … Continued

Like Leaves in Autumn

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I  am showing a rather timely and seasonal film on creating art from leaves, twigs and mirrors at the Bernadinian Online Emporium. It is called Like Leaves in Autumn. Nudity is involved so some of you may have to look through … Continued

The Bernadinian Online Emporium

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It’s iPhone season again and my collection of iPhone, iPad and Galaxy S4 accessories are launching Wednesday 9th October 2013. The Bernadinian Online Emporium opens this week.The variety of designs tips into double figures and while the unwashed masses have … Continued

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