The Graduate

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I have just finished reading The Graduate. When I say reading I really mean listening to the audio book I borrowed from the library because I hardly read nowadays. And since I read the book, I thought I might as … Continued

Demi and Jaime

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A girl agreed to pose for me. She wanted to bring her friend along. I don’t like people standing about doing nothing at my shoots so I asked if her friend would pose also.

Born with three mouths

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If you can’t see the video click here Screaming woman has mouths for eyes. Hear her banshee scream. Test for film project. Created with After Effects and Mocha AE.

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas one and all! I hope all my new year’s wishes come true… Oh, and yours too. Quote of the year. “I think you have this all wrong. You are the one who is blind and cannot see the … Continued

Anorexic Porn – Sex and Death

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While surfing I came across a site featuring anorexic and skinny erotica. Seeing these anorexics, I could hardly believe that there were men who actually fancied girls like this. I did a search to find more. Interestingly, there were hardly … Continued

Alva Bernadine Photo album

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I used to do a lot of evening classes and one of them was bookbinding. My third book was this one, a photo album in which my I placed my work in roughly chronological order. It had 197 screws coming … Continued

Like Leaves in Autumn

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 If you can’t see the video click here Making art out of leaves. This also throws light on my thinking processes when it comes to photography.

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