Here is a video about my album on which one of my collections were based.
In two weeks time I shall be showing another of my videos, Like Leaves in Autumn, explaining how and why I came up with the idea of making photos from leaves twigs and mirrors.



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Are you sitting uncomfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Since discovering the print on demand industry three weeks ago, I have decided to become the Piero Fornasetti of south London. Of course I knew about POD in terms of photographs but not for other objects.

First one of my photo suppliers started offering smartphone cases, then a couple of weeks later, following a link for T-shirts from a deplorable podcast I have been listening to for the last six years, I came across their supplier. I was amazed. They printed on stuff such as, not only smart phone and tablet cases, but also bags, jewellery, shower curtains, pillows, carpets, plates, shoes and any number of things. I began thinking of the all the possibilities I could use this stuff for and thought maybe others would like my designs too.

I thought since it was iPhone season I would start with smart phones and tablets. If like some you have queued for up to 15 days to get a gold iPhone, you would not want it to get scratched, so why not protect it in one of my completely opaque iPhone cases where it can preserve it’s pristine-ness and come to little harm.

Just like the Manneken Pis changes outfits for different occasions, there is no reason why everybody else should not do the same. I think just like you change your clothes for the weekend, you should do the same for your case. Why not have one that is a conversation piece you can use to strike up some chat with the opposite sex. Want to make a statement at a meeting? Then take your laptop in its sleeve from a matching messenger bag. If you are shy and retiring and find yourself standing against the wall by your lonesome at parties, all you have to do is adorn yourself in some Bernadinian accessories and you’ll have strangers coming up to you without making any effort at all.

When I used to go around seeing art directors, I wanted to be sure they would remember me, so I customised this case.

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 12.48.19Problem solved. Strangers used to come up to me in the street to talk about it.

Here are some of the wares I have come up with so far:
All of these products are printed when ordered and shipped directly to you with a 30 day guarantee.
I shall be posting stuff regularly  so if you want to be kept in touch email me to be put on my newsletter list.

*Until the end of October all my existing subscribers and any new ones will be able to choose their own image from my online photos and I shall upload it so they print a case or whatever, the only proviso being I can find someone to print it as some POD companies are a bit squeamish about nudity.

Calendars and Posters
I shall be producing two 2014 calendars for next year. One of my usual stuff and another of my bubbly Neo Pictorialist style. The original style I started out with and used on my holiday pictures.
I shall also release some posters as well.

If there is something I have not yet got around to like a an iPad case with a certain image, please let me know and I’ll probably remedy the situation for you.

I have left most of the work customisably for the moment so you can change the the colour combinations of bags and add text and put your name on it, or someone else’s if it was a gift, if you so desire. I may, however change that in future.

If you like a watch image for example, you can see it on a different style of watch. Look for the customize button and the range of colours to the below right of the product.

Book of Screws

iPhones 4/4s 5/5s 5c and Galaxy S4

If you just want a cases this is the most economical link. Click on the image you want then the phone image and choose which phone. You can then zoom in and out and reposition the image to where you want within reason. By default the image covers the whole case. If you want to see more of the picture then the white or black case will be shown.

Other phones sometimes included on my Zazzle store are Galaxy S2/3, Galaxy Nexus both Sprint and Verizon, HTC Vivid, Motorola Droid, RAZR (Verizon Model)

Twisted Legs

Woman With Her Head Full of Flowers

Friends on Rooftop

If you were able to get hold of this watch, it might be the only one in existence. deleted the whole suite of products but missed this and four other items. I apparently was infringing the rights of DC Comics, one of their partners. Catwoman belongs to them and any woman in leather or latex and has claws is Catwoman. That had not even crossed my mind. Well screw them (you see what I did there?).
Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 18.04.22
Oh my sweet surrealist babyScreen shot 2013-10-09 at 18.30.33
and my cat friendly dog.Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 18.31.26How I mourn for my still-born babes.

Coming very soon…

These and many others to come. I shall be uploading many in the next few days/weeks. A Halloween T-shirt or two amongst them. If you are on my subscription list you may want to make a suggestions as to what you may like to see or are in need of. If you are not join now or forever hold your peace.