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Like Leaves in Autumn

After my book was published I needed time to decompress and come up with another direction for my photography. After just over a year I started taking personal pictures again. This soon was to prove to be one of my inspired periods ever. One idea elided into another almost seamlessly and I would wake up in the early morning and solve problems I had been thinking about the day before while half asleep in bed. While trying to come up with ideas for creating faces from shadows, I hit upon the idea of make art out of leaves and twigs.

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Alva Bernadine 3D Gallery

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 13.17.11Navigate your way around my 3D gallery and see what the images would look like in situ.

iPhone and Galaxy S4 cases

These smart phone cases are available . on the site click which image you like then the phone icon.



Posters and greeting cards are available of some of the photographs in this video. The posters come in three sizes: A2, A1 and A0.

Buy Greeting cards from $2.43

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Try typing into my word machine. Type in your lyrics and watch them fall like leaves in Autumn.

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