Born with three mouths

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If you can’t see the video click here Screaming woman has mouths for eyes. Hear her banshee scream. Test for film project. Created with After Effects and Mocha AE.

Alva Bernadine Photo album

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I used to do a lot of evening classes and one of them was bookbinding. My third book was this one, a photo album in which my I placed my work in roughly chronological order. It had 197 screws coming … Continued

Emma Hope Shoes

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Someone suggested that I should see the shoe designer Emma Hope who commissioned me to take these images. The first one was taken on a new development on the south bank of the Thames in Vauxhall. I saw the lifebelt … Continued

Interview with a Serial killer

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A model talks of nightmares she has about me and my serial killer potential. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– How to Become a Serial Killer Alva Bernadine has a head full of bad thoughts, and in emptying them out on this blog, he offers … Continued

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