Cunt Flowers

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In my new film I explore the explore whether vaginas look like flowers. The female sexual organ has often been likened to flowers. For example the flower paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe are often brought up in this connection. One day … Continued

Red car door

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At that time one of my chief artistic devises was to crop out faces or partially obscure them. Note the hat and trenchcoat – it reoccurred in my work at that time. I shot this in Shad Thames. Now a … Continued

Thoughts on early work

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This is a quote from my 2001 book, Bernadinism, How to Dominate Men and Subjugate Women, from the intro entitled, I am a one man subculture. A Jackson Pollock patterned shoe is suspended on a wall of weathered boards, the … Continued

Double exposure for special effects

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In pre-photoshop days, photographers would do special effects by putting shaped card in front of the lens, mostly on 10×8 cameras, and do multiple exposures. My simple technique was secure the camera on a tripod and use a Cokin filter … Continued

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