Trained pussy

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I had been wanting to take such a shot for several years. I bought a horse riding outfit for the Sindy doll and glued it to the saddle. The reluctant cat had to be pressed into the saddle after every … Continued

Demi and Jaime

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A girl agreed to pose for me. She wanted to bring her friend along. I don’t like people standing about doing nothing at my shoots so I asked if her friend would pose also.

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas one and all! I hope all my new year’s wishes come true… Oh, and yours too. Quote of the year. “I think you have this all wrong. You are the one who is blind and cannot see the … Continued

Anorexic Porn – Sex and Death

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While surfing I came across a site featuring anorexic and skinny erotica. Seeing these anorexics, I could hardly believe that there were men who actually fancied girls like this. I did a search to find more. Interestingly, there were hardly … Continued

Butterfly Face

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This is an extended version of one of my most popular films. Made so by its astonishing and beautiful ending. One day I was looking at the cover of a magazine and thought the shadows around the model’s eyes looked … Continued

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