Portrait of Rolf harris with his wife and daughter

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Rolf Harris, the entertainer, has just been convicted of assaulting young girls with further allegations to come. Over twenty years ago I photographed him in his house by the Thames for the Sunday Times magazine. He was quite pleasant enough. … Continued

Meet Puppy, The Anti-Islamic Chihuahua

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I was photographing a model with her eighteen month old chihuahua named Puppy. It had been very quiet but then she looked out the window and started barking at a black woman in a long black coat. The model told … Continued

A Brothel in Ilford

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When I started going off piste and stopped testing with bricks and mortar glamour agencies but instead first with strippers then girls from the internet, it was then I started gradually encountering what is broadly known as the sex industry, … Continued

Girl with Split Tongue

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  Performance artist Helen shows off her bifurcated tongue. She talks to the camera here.

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