Meet Puppy, The Anti-Islamic Chihuahua

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carmen- dog-043

I was photographing a model with her eighteen month old chihuahua named Puppy. It had been very quiet but then she looked out the window and started barking at a black woman in a long black coat. The model told me whenever she saw someone in long black clothes she would bark and this was mostly at Islamic women in traditional garb. I did not have the presence of mind ask what happened when she saw Hasidic Jews and Goths.

This brought back the memory of several years ago when I was in a park on the outskirts of London when I heard a man shouting for his dog, Nigger. The British amputee WWII fighter ace, Douglas Bader, had a black Labrador called Nigger but that was 70 years ago and PC did not apply then. I was astonished that anyone would do that in this day and age and thought he could only get away with it because he lived on the edge of town. It amused me to imagine him in an inner city park shouting, “Here Nigger, here boy”!