The Graduate

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knickers on heel of stiletto shoe

I have just finished reading The Graduate. When I say reading I really mean listening to the audio book I borrowed from the library because I hardly read nowadays. And since I read the book, I thought I might as well see the film. I was struck by how good the cinematography was. I remember how arousing it was to me as a teenager. Older girls and women were as sexy as hell and totally out of my reach. When I finally got the chance to bang an older woman at 27, I did not like it and was put off them for good. Now I am Mrs Robinson’s age, I prefer younger women.

Seeing the film reminded me of a picture I once took. I sketched the idea of knickers hanging from the stiletto of an extended leg. That did not seem to be enough somehow and I wanted some interaction going on in the picture so I drew a man in the background. Straight away, here was a version of the famous poster of the film. I shot the picture as part of a story for a fashion magazine.

the graduate film poster

Ben and Mrs. Robinson in Bed

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  1. demiano

    Funny how the hottest spot is behind the subject of seduction, whereas the seducer is in a cooler foreground.
    Myself started as a junior undergraduate. A few decades later became Mrs Robinson…

  2. I like to see myself as a Mr. Robinson.

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