Charity Fashion shoot

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I was once asked to photograph some clothes for the charity, Oxfam. The only thing I remember about it was to get to the location I had to change tube trains to get on a little used branch line. While I was waiting for the next train, I saw a girl with a make up box, who I presumed was the make up artist, who I had not met yet. I went over and said “Hello, my name is Alva.” she totally blanked me and turned away. She probably thought I was some stranger trying to chat her up. I was a bit upset by this because I had only spoken to her on the phone the day before and she had already forgotten my name. I made no attempt to enlighten her. Anyhow, when we got to the destination we both waited outside the station either side of the entrance for the rest to arrive. She was embarrassed when she found out who I was.

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