Gratuitous Sex and Violence – My Favourites

My latest book is entitled, Gratuitous Sex and Violence – My Favourites. I came close to being arrested when I was nearly caught standing over my model with an axe for the cover shot. Danger and a sense of unease have long been apart of my work. A woman is chased through a dark wood or is mugged on a Thames footpath or becomes the victim of a serial killer. We see sex and violence all about us in the media, sometimes together or separately. Pondering upon its ubiquity in the media and the hold it has in our imaginations, I decided to include it as part of my new project. I have made some of the pictures more filmic and suggestive of narrative.

Preview the book

reflection of legs in mirror

shadow of twigs

woman reflected in three mirrors

shadow of birds on wall

strangled woman

accupuncture needles in back

cloud in room indoors

woman strangled on bed

succubus having sex

girl in garden with flower mask

mirror reflection

2 Responses

  1. Love them all.

  2. Mariah

    great I do like it, it kiks the brain, it is not the scarp we are flooded every day, it is like good musik with cheese and red vine.

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