Wine bottle

In the attempt to produce a commercial portfolio, I decided to use a wine bottle. I liked the the shape and label of the Mateus Rosé bottle so used that. I bought an off cut of laminate board and used a mirror as a reflector to light the label. I cannot remember how I came up the shadow of a hand but I may have it as I was setting up. I shot it on my seminal roll of film that gave me three folio shots.

This last shot was taken on a crisp fresh day in early November. I saw the cloud
coming and had to work fast. I used polarising and neutral density filters to slow
the shutter and get movement in the tree.

I started showing my work around and although there were those who professed to love it, no one would give me a job. One the few times I ever tried to be an assistant, I went to see a big name advertising photographer. He saw the wine bottle pictures but did not remark them. On my way home on the tube station platform, I saw a large billboard of a shadow of a hand reaching for a pint of Guiness that was perched on wall. I had been to see several art directors Guiness’s agency, Ogilvy and Mather. It made me think. I later found out that the photographer I had just been to see had taken it. Years later I was undoubtedly plagiarised by an ad agency. So much so that they were too lazy to change a thing in the picture. They had to pay me money in the end.

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