Towards a new style

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The winter after my Cokin summer, I joined an adult education course and started doing still-lifes with a 5×4 camera. In the facility, which was pretty basic, there were no large softboxes I had heard about, like “fish fryers”and “swimming pools”. I had to make do with hard 5oow Photax lamps. I was endevouring to create a commercial portfolio. I had read somewhere that to be successful your work had to be different. I later found the opposite was true but I’ll come to that in a later post.

I was not into art before taking up photography but came across Rene Magritte whom I liked. I also started searching out books of photography, advertising and illustration, deciding what I liked and didn’t like. One of the very few photographers I had heard of at this stage was David Bailey so I checked out his work. Apart from his iconic Sixties black and white portraits, his work held nothing for me. In the library of the London College of Printing, I loaned books by the likes of Cartier Bresson, Andre Kertesz and Cheyco Leidmann. I started sketching out ideas and collecting interesting magazine pages.

I came to the conclusion that the meticulousness of the studio still-life was not for me and I would start shooting outdoors again.


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