The Early Days

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When I became seriously interested in photography, I thought I could not go down a well trodden path such as documentary because hundreds of thousands had already gone down that path and it was hardly likely that I could match the masters. I cast about for a less rutted pathway and my first influence was the Spanish photographer, Francisco Hidalgo. He toured the great cities of the world producing romantic impressionist pictures with many and various Cokin filters.

I adopted that style and every week I would look through the Cokin catalogue, dream of what I could do with them and order some more. Every Sunday I would go about London visiting the tourist spots and often the parks, trying to capture them with a plethora of filters and double exposure. I enjoyed walking about seeing new things always on the alert for a photo opportunity. I got about 20 decent pictures from that style but ran out of new ways of using the filters. It was while taking these pictures that my love for colour photography began.

Some of these pictures were the first I ever had published and that was in a photography magazine. It is always exciting to see your first pictures printed for the public to see.

Looking Down on Concert from Rooftop

Tower 42 City of London

Tower 42, formerly Natwest Tower

From The South Bank looking north

The Serpentine boating lake, Hyde Park

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