Battersea Power Station

The Easter before adopting my current style, I took a walk along footpath, the south side of the River Thames from Vauxhall Tube station to Battersea Power Station. The path meandered in an out of derelict areas and ran roughly parallel to Nine Elms Lane, until it at last went by the power station. In front of the station there was a disused goods yard and three derelict buildings, which you can see on the right hand edge of the Pink Floyd album cover. I climbed through a whole in the fence and explored the place.

When I began taking my pictures two months later in June, I took them all along that strip and it was there that I really learnt to take pictures. I used the goods yard as an outdoor studio, find interesting compositions around and atop the buildings. I had recently moved to Brixton, London and I knew few people, so my early pictures were of me. Armed with a tripod and a prop or two, I could pick up and walk there from the tube station when the weather was right. I would usually go in the early evening and and use the warm light and the shadows thrown by the setting sun. There are a lot of skies in my work of this period because of the use I made of the rooftops.

There were alot of derelict buildings around London at that time. I would come across them while riding my bicycle but had no transportation to take models to them. Some years later, the roof was taken off the power station and the goods yard flattened and remains so to this day.

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