Another Style – Bubbles

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At the same time as doing my Cokin pictures, I discovered another technique. The effect was random and would produce blistering, distortion and colour shifts all at the same. I had to use the originals and it would enhance a nondescript picture or totally destroy a good one. For me the random nature of it was its virtue. I rarely used it for commercial work but would use it for my holiday snaps up until recent years, when I would take car trips around Britain. I would take snaps as I went along, the lighting conditions not mattering because the technique that I would apply, sometimes years later, would completely alter the final picture.

Houses of Parliament

Girl and Pedaloe, Serpentine, Hyde park

Girl and Pedaloe, Serpentine, Hyde Park

Merry-go-round, Royal festival Hall gardens

Merry-go-round, Royal Festival Hall gardens

Folk dancing festival, Camberwell

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